Originally an internal function, we've made this one visible in case it's useful to others.

This returns a list of all the "words" in the text that start with either $ or @.
We use this in BaseElements to retrieve all the variables from a calculation.


- text : the text to search on.

- wordPrefix : if left out, the default is both $ and @. Otherwise you can specifiy a single option, either $ or @.


Text Extract Word

Version History:

- 4.2 : Made visible in the functions list.


- words are delimited ( ended ) by one of the following characters :" ;+-=*/&^<>\t\r[]()\u2260\u2264\u2265,"

- Note that this list of characters includes a space.
The ones starting with \u are single unicode characters.

- Also note that this function leaves out code within FileMaker comments, so from // to the endOfLine and from /* to */.
It won't find any examples inside those characters.

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