BE_ScriptExecute ( scriptName {; fileName ; parameter ; scriptControl } )

Performs the scriptName in the current file ( if no fileName provided, or in fileName if available ). Scripts are run when the current script queue is empty, so you can't have a calculation within a script, call a script and have it start immediately, it will run at the completion of the current script. Script results are not set and cannot be returned.

Version : 1.2
4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_ExecuteScript
4.2.0 : added scriptControl parameter.

Parameters :
scriptName : the name of the script to perform.
fileName ( optional ) : a filename to locate the script. Defaults to the current file if not supplied. Be aware, there is an issue in the plugin API where filenames can only have a single "." in their name. Files with more than one will return an error 100 - File is missing.
parameter ( optional ) : the parameter to pass to the script called.
scriptControl ( optional ) : defaults to Pause as per the standard Perform Script step, other values for the scriptControl parameter are: Halt = 0, Exit = 1, Resume = 2, Pause = 3.

Result : 0 for success or ? for failure.

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