Sorts listOfValues according to the ascending order and data type.


- listOfValues : The list of values to start with.

- ascendingBoolean : ( defaults to 1 ) : 1 for ascending, 0 for descending.

- type : ( defaults to 0 ) : a number corresponding to the value for different types.  At the moment, only two values are defined : 0 for Text, 1 for Numeric.


Values Sort

Version History:

- 2.1 :

- 3.3 : Added the ascending and type parameters.

- 4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_Values_Sort


- In some situations this sort order won't be the same as the order that FileMaker would apply in a sorted field.  Different encoding and "type" arrangements treat values in different ways, so there's no expectation that the BE sort will be the same as the FM one - the technical details into why this is gets really complex as you get into text encoding and storage and values and ..

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