Prices and Licencing

Free to use

There are no licence fees or restrictions on the plugin, you can use as many copies of it as you want on as many machines as you want. It's available for Mac and Windows and all functions work equally on both platforms. It doesn't require any registration and there are no unlock codes.

Free to extend

The BaseElements plugin is also open source, meaning it's free to adapt and extend to your own desires. You can take the source code and add or remove functions, rename it and re-compile to your own specifications.

The code is hosted on its github source repository.


The plugin is distributed using the "New BSD License". Basically this means you are free to share, copy, distribute and transmit this work, and you're free to adapt it to your own projects. You can't call any derived products "BaseElements" or state that they're endorsed by Goya. And you must retain the copyright and licence in any source code you distribute and reproduce them in documentation for binary distributions.

If you'd like to use it for some other purpose, or in another way please contact us.

A better explanation, including links to the full licence and legal code is available on the creative commons website.


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