BE_ClipboardGetText ( format )


Tries to convert the item on the current clipboard, designated by the format passed to the function. The function will only deal with text objects, so other clipboard types are ignored.


Version : 1.0
4.0 : return error 3, command not available on Linux.  Add utf16 support on Mac.
4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_ClipboardText


Parameters :

  • format : the name of the clipboard format.  A list of the formats of the data on the clipboard can be retrieved by using BE_ClipboardFormats.


Result : The content of the clipboard, or empty for non-text objects.


Example :

BE_ClipboardGetText ( "dyn.ah62d4rv4gk8zuxnxnq" ) // turns a copied FileMaker Script Step into the text XML representation.

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