BE_SMTPServer ( server { ; port ; username ; password } )


Stores the SMTP connections details for future calls to BE_SMTPSend.  Authentication is controlled with curl, so options can be set with the BE_CurlSetOption function.  Any future calls will overwrite the existing details.


Version : 3.1
4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_SMTP_Server


Parameters :

server : the domain name or IP address of the SMTP server to connect to.
port ( optional ) : the port number.
username ( optional ) : username for SMTP Authentication.
password ( optional ) : password for SMTP Authentication.


Results : empty string on success, ? for error.


Notes : port number can be left as an empty string, which will often use whatever ports the server requires, default is 25, but using SSL or TLS may use 465 or 587.

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