BE_Base64_Decode ( text { ; name } )

Decodes text from Base64 into it's original value.  

Version : 1.3
Version 4.0 : Deprecated. Use the FileMaker 16 function Base64Decode ( text { ; fileNameWithExtension } ) instead.
Version 4.2 : Removed

Parameters :
text : the text to decode.
name ( optional ) : the name of the output file.

Result : by default will output plain text. By using a name for the output you can also decode binary data such as images into a container field. These are stored as files, in much the same way as a insert file operation would produce. So if you're decoding a jpeg file, you need to specify a name ending in .jpg or .jpeg in order to get a valid result. If you're decoding text, leave the name off and set the result into a text field or variable.

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