BE_FileCopy ( fromPath ; toPath )


Copies the file specified in the fromPath path parameter, to the location in the toPath path parameter.  Both paths are full paths not folders, including the output filename.  


Version : 1.1
1.2 : Added support for copying directories.
4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_CopyFiles


Parameters :
fromPath : a system file path.
toPath : a system file path.


Result : 0 for a successful copy, or an OS error number for failure. eg 17 if a file already exists with the to name. In that case the file isn't copied, original file in the to location is not overwritten.


Notes :

This function does not behave the same as /bin/cp.

Important to note that the 'to' path needs to end with the desired name of the file.

Examples :

BE_FileCopy ( "/Users/username/Desktop/fileA.fp7" ; "/Users/username/path/to/file/fileA_copy.fp7" )

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