Creates a new folder at the location path, creating sub folders along the way as required.


- path : A system file path ( not a FileMaker path ).


Folder Create

Version History:

- 1.0.0 :

- 2.1.0 : changed the folder to be recursive, so any required subfolders are also created.

- 4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_CreateFolder


- PLUGIN PATHS ARE NOT FILEMAKER PATHS. The plugin uses the same path structure as your operating system, and you cannot pass to the plugin paths that start with file:/ or filewin:/ etc. Please read this for more info :

Code Examples:

BE_FolderCreate ( "/Users/username/Desktop/myNewFolder" )
Create a folder on the users desktop on Mac OS.

BE_FolderCreate ( "/Users/username/Desktop/myNewFolder/anotherNewFolder" )
Creates both myNewFolder and anotherNewFolder. Requires v2.1.0 or later.

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