BE_Encrypt_AES ( key ; text )


Performs AES Encryption on the supplied text, using key. The intention of this is purely that anything encrypted by the plugin can only be decrypted by the plugin, although it is based on open standards, so could work outside as well.


Version : 2.3
Version : 4.0 : Deprecated. Use the FileMaker 16 function CryptEncrypt ( data ; key ) instead. 
Version : 4.1 : No longer deprecated as the native CryptEncrypt function doesn't quite do all the same things that our function does, so there is still room for both.  We do recommend users use the native function where it's suitable.

Parameters :
key : the secret key to use to encrypt the string.
text : the text to be encoded. To encode a file, use Base64 on the file first.


Result : The encrypted text.

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