BE_ExecuteShellCommand ( command { ; waitForResponse } )


**Removed - this function was removed in version 3.0. Please use BE_ExecuteSystemCommand instead.**


Performs a command line script of the _command_ parameter. Essentially the same as using Terminal on the Mac, or CMD.exe on Windows.

Version : 1.1

Version : 1.2 : Modified to include an optional waitForResponse parameter.

Version : 2.0 : Deprecated.

Version : 3.0 : Removed.


Parameters :
command : the content of the command to run.
waitForResponse ( optional ) : If True will wait for the command to complete. If false will return to FileMaker immediatly regardless of the result.

On Windows you need to prefix your command with "cmd.exe /c". For example "cmd.exe /c dir" will list the directory contents. No prefix is required for Mac.


Result : the result of the command, if any.

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