BE_PreferenceGet ( key { ; domain } )


Gets the preference value stored by BE_SetPreference that has the matching key.


Version : 1.3
4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_GetPreference


Parameters :
key : the key code for the value to return.
domain ( optional ) : the domain value of where to locate the preference file.



Notes :

If the domain is not included, it will be

Mac :
Windows : Software\\Goya\\BaseElements\\PluginUser ( stored inside HKEY_CURRENT_USER ).

You can override the domain to specify a different file name on the mac, or a different path on Windows. To respect the various OS conventions you should use something similar to the above.


Result : the value found at the domain, stored against the key. Returns blank if the key or the domain does not exist, or "?" if there are any other errors.

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