BE_HTTP_GET(url;{filename;username;password })

Does a http GET function and returns the results. This uses the curl library so output will be similar to that. This is used in conjunction with the BE_HTTP_SetCustomHeader function to set custom headers in advance and the BE_HTTP_ResponseCode and BE_HTTP_ResponseHeaders functions to get the result values after the GET is complete.


- url : the url to retrieve.

- filename : Required if you're saving the contents of the url ( i.e. text or a file ) into a container field. The container field uses the name supplied here for the name of the resulting file.

- username : The username if the url requires authentication.

- password : The password if the url requires authentication.



Version History:

- 1.2 :

- 3.3.0 : Renamed to BE_HTTP_GET from BE_GetURL


- Check for errors using theBE_GetLastErrorfunction and use for error details.

- Some useful header options :

BE_CurlSetOption ( "CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION" ; 1 ) will mean that it will follow a 301 redirect.

BE_CurlSetOption ( "CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH" ; 1 ) forces Basic auth for some sites that won't work with the defaults.

This function can also be used for FTP by using ftp:// urls. For example :

BE_HTTP_GET ( "sftp://server/path/file.txt" ; "" ;




BE_CurlSetOption ( "CURLOPT_DIRLISTONLY" ; 1 )

BE_HTTP_GET ( "sftp://server/path/" ; "" ;



to get a file listing at that path.

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