Used for setting a header value before a HTTP function call. You can call this function multiple times before the POST to set more than one header, and call it with empty parameters to clear them out.


- header : the name of the header to set.

- value : the value to set it to.


HTTP Header Set Custom

Version History:

- 1.3.0 : Added

- 4.0.1 : Added option to call with no parameters to delete all Headers

- 4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_HTTP_Set_Custom_Header

- 4.1.3 : Breaking Change: Setting a header with ( "HeaderName"; "") now sets the header to "" ( an empty header value ), instead of removing that header as previous. To remove the header call BE_HTTP_SetCustomHeader with ( "HeaderName" ) as before.

Code Examples:

BE_HTTP_SetCustomHeader ( "Content-Type" ; "text/xml;charset=utf-8" ) 
sets the text and charset values

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