BE_JSONPath ( json ; path )


Query json structure using an XPath like syntax.  


Notes and Limitations :

This function doesn't support wildcard path matching, and has a very limited precision when retrieving floating point numbers.  If you're looking for something more flexible please consider this :

The existing BE plugin based JSON functions will be deprecated in a future release.  It's undecided if they'll be replaced with something else or not, we haven't found a good set of viable replacements.


Version : 2.1

Parameters :
json : the json to parse.
path : the path to the data you want.


Result : Returns the value at path.


Examples :

BE_JSONPath ( $json ; "$.key" )

BE_JSONPath ( $json ; "$.obj.key" )

BE_JSONPath ( $json ; "$.arr[0]" )

BE_JSONPath ( $json ; "$.obj.arr[0]" )

BE_JSONPath ( $json ; "$.obj.arr[0].key" )

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