Shows either a barber pole progress dialog, or a regular start to finish progress dialog.


- title : the text to appear in the dialog title.

- description : the text to appear in the body of the dialog.

- maximum : a positive value for a regular dialog, or left out for a barber pole dialog.


Dialog Progress

Version History:

- 2.1 :

- 4.0 : return error 3, command not available on iOS, Linux and under FMS

- 4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_ProgressDialog


- You can disable the "Cancel" button by calling the Allow User Abort [Off] script step prior to calling this function.

- Barber pole dialogs are closed by calling BE_DialogProgressUpdate with a positive integer "number" parameter. Regular dialogs are closed with any value greater than maximum.

Code Examples:

BE_DialogProgress ( "title" ; "description" )
Show a barber pole dialog

BE_DialogProgress ( "title" ; "description" ; 9 ) 
Show a progress dialog with 10 steps ( 0 through 9 )

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