Unzips the archive file found at the path archiveFilePath. The unzipped file(s) are put into the same location as the zip file itself by default, or into the outputFolderPathfolder if specified. Any existing file(s) will be overwritten.


- archiveFilePath : a plugin file path, or a container field. If the container field contains text, it's treated as a path to a file.

- outputFolderPath : a system folder path to put the result.


Zip Unzip

Version History:

- 1.3 :

- 2.2 : added the outputFolderPathparameter.

- 4.2.0 : added the option to allow archiveFilePath to be a container field.

Code Examples:

BE_Unzip ( BE_SelectFile ( "Select a Zip file to unzip." ) )
Select a zip file and unzip it.

BE_Unzip ( "/Users/nick/Desktop/" )
Select afile on the desktop

BE_Unzip ( "/Users/nick/Desktop/" ; "/Users/nick/Desktop/ResultFolder")
//Select afile on the desktop, to other folder

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