BE_Unzip ( archivePath {; outputFolderPath } )

Unzips the archive file found at the path archivePath. The unzipped file(s) are put into the same location as the zip file itself by default, or into the outputFolderPath folder if specified. Any existing file(s) will be overwritten.

Version : 1.3
Version : 2.2 added the outputFolderPath parameter.

Parameters :
archivePath : a system file path.
outputFolderPath ( optional ) : a system folder path to put the result.

Result : 0 on success. Error values can be retrieved with BE_GetLastError.


Examples :

//Select a zip file and unzip it.
BE_Unzip ( BE_SelectFile ( "Select a Zip file to unzip." ) )

//Select a file on the desktop
BE_Unzip ( "/Users/nick/Desktop/" )

//Select a file on the desktop, to other folder
BE_Unzip ( "/Users/nick/Desktop/" ; "/Users/nick/Desktop/ResultFolder" )

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