Writes the contents specified in text to the file at the path or to a container field via Set Field. Using the optional append parameter you can choose to either write a new file ( or overwrite an existing one ), or to append the text to the end of the file.

Defaults to UTF-8 ( no BOM ) which can be changed using the BE_SetTextEncoding function.

For writing files to containers, this function works a little differently. First you need to use this as a Set Field step, and the resulting output will then be set into the field that is the destination of the Set Field step.

If you're appending to a file, and setting it into a field, the first parameter pathOrContainer can be either a field with an existing file, or a path to an existing file. The result will then be appended to the original. Set the appendBoolean parameter to True.

If you're setting a field and not appending, the first parameter should contain just the name of the file you want as text.

Obviously this first parameter can be many things, a path, a container field containing a file, or a text string ( from a field, or variable etc ) containing a file name.


- pathOrContainer : either text which contains a path to a file, or binary data from a container field, or file set into a variable.

- text : the text to write to the file

- appendBoolean : True or False - True will append to the file, False or no parameter will either write over an existing file or set the contents of a new file.


File Text Write

Version History:

- 1.0.0 :

- 1.1.0 : Adds appendBoolean option.

- 3.3.0 : Recursively create any directories needed.

- 4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_WriteTextToFile - now allows writing to container fields as well as paths.


- PLUGIN PATHS ARE NOT FILEMAKER PATHS. The plugin uses the same path structure as your operating system, and you cannot pass to the plugin paths that start with file:/ or filewin:/ etc. Please read this for more info :

Code Examples:

BE_FileWriteText ( $path ; "sometexthere" )
creates a new file at $path with the content "sometexthere"

BE_FileWriteText ( $path ; "sometexthere" ; True )
appends to an existing file at $path and adds "sometexthere" to the end of the document

SetField [ table::myField ; BE_FileWriteText ( $path ; "sometexthere" ; True )
sets myField with a file, that is the content of the existing file at $path with "sometexthere" appended. Filename will be as per the existing file at $path.

SetField [ table::myField ; BE_FileWriteText ( "myfile.txt" ; "sometexthere" )
Creates a new file called "myfile.txt" and sets the content to "sometexthere" and puts it into the myField field.

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