BE_XeroSetTokens ( consumer_key ; private_key )

Allows authentication to the Xero API using private keys, for use in any subsequent HTTP calls.

Version : 3.0
4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_Xero_SetTokens
4.1.4 : Deprecated.  Xero no longer uses this auth mechanism, and has switched to a OAuth2 compatible process.
4.2.0 : Removed

Parameters :
consumer_key : The consumer key set in the Xero Developer API.
private_key : The private key file used in the Xero Developer API.

Result : ? for Errors. Any authentication errors are available on the subsequent HTTP url calls.

Note : if you're making HTTP calls to other urls, you should clear out the Xero parameters, by calling BE_XeroSetTokens ( "" ; "" ) before making any other HTTP calls.  Otherwise the Xero authentication will interfere with the HTTP authentication.

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