Does a http PATCHfunction and returns the results. This uses the curl library so output will be similar to that. This is used in conjunction with theBE_HTTP_SetCustomHeaderfunction to set custom headers in advance and theBE_HTTP_ResponseCodeandBE_HTTP_ResponseHeadersfunctions to get the result values after the POST is complete.


- url : the url to send the data to.

- parameters : The datato send to the url.

- username : username for HTTP authentication.

- password : password for HTTP authentication.


HTTP Patch

Version History:

- 3.3 :


- UseBE_Curl_Set_Option( "CURLOPT_HTTPAUTH" ; type) to set authentication types.

parameters is a text string, which is a list of all of the parameters to send in name value pair format. Put an "=" between the name and value, and an ampersand "&" between each pair. Use file=@path for external files.

Code Examples:

BE_HTTP_PATCH( $url ; "image=@/Users/nick/Desktop/test.jpg" )
"" ;
"{\"method\" : \"Workgroup.projects.listActive\", \"args\" : []}" ;
"Administrator" ;

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