BaseElements Plugin Sponsorship

The plugin is free to use

The BaseElements plugin is free and open source. It will always be free, and will never contain any registration code or restrictions on what you can do with it, or how you use it in your solutions.

Sponsor and support options 

However, Goya doesn't provide free support for the plugin, but has a paid mechanism to access support and receive notifications of new releases. With our annual sponsorship for just

$199 for single developer
$399 for a company

you can become a sponsor and get access to our support site, get notifications of new beta releases and more. All sponsors get :

  • A dropbox share of every released version of the plugin with instant updates.
  • Access to beta releases to test new functionality.
  • Any plugin dependent FileMaker code, starting with the Xero code, along with a licence to integrate it in any of their own projects for free, again with no registration.
  • Access to a proper support channel.
  • A say in what functions will be added in the future, and the ability to suggest new functionality.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that you're supporting something that all FileMaker developers can benefit from.

Can you help me with the plugin?

Yes.  :)  That's what the sponsor option is for, you can use the support options to get guidance and direction about how to use the plugin functions in your own solution.  Whether you've got a complex SOAP integration and need help with XML and XPath, or some weird cURL issue, if the plugin can do it, we'll help you with it.

We've built a heap of sample files for sponsors to show them exactly how to do that one weird thing they're trying to achieve but not sure how to get working.

If you've got a similar issue, give the sponsor option a go.



Thanks already

Finally we would like to thank the people who have previously donated code, funded specific functions, or just sent us some money to say thanks. All of these people and their companies donated before our sponsorship option was available. Some in small amounts and some in large amounts, and all have received a complimentary annual sponsorship.

Andrew Duncan
Jason Tallman
LaRetta Kwandt
Howard Schlossberg
Jeremiah Hammond
Daniel Harlow
Clive Shiels
Bill Miller
Hans Gunnarsson
Olly Groves
Matt Greger
John Jackson
Magnus Strand
Steve Wright

Thanks again.

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