Joins two pdf files together, either by appending one to the first, or by creating a third PDF that is the end result.


- pdfPathOrContainer : the first PDF file to be appended TO.  Can be a container field or a path to a file

- appendPathOrContainer : the second file, to be added to the first file.  Can be a container field or a path to a file

- destinationPath : the path to the result file.  If left out, then use this in a Set Field step that points to a container file.


PDF Append

Version History:

- 4.0 :

- 4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_PDF_Append

Code Examples:

Set Field [ table::containerField ; BE_PDFAppend ( table::pdfField1 ; table::pdfField2 ) ]
Sets  a container field using two other fields.

Set Field [ table::containerField ; BE_PDFAppend ( "/pluginPath/to/file1.pdf" ; "/pluginPath/to/file2.pdf" ) ]
Sets  a container field using two paths.

Set Variable [ $result ; BE_PDFAppend ( table::pdfField1 ; "/pluginPath/to/file2.pdf" ; "/pluginPath/to/outputFile.pdf" ) ]
Creates an external PDF file by combining a container field and a different external file.

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