BE_SignatureGenerateRSA ( data ; privateKey {; privateKeyPassword ; algorithm; fileNameWithExtension } )


Generates a digital signature of data. The message digest of data is calculated first using the specified algorithm. Then the digest is encrypted with privateKey.  Uses OpenSSL so algorithms come from there, and should be generally compatible.


Version 4.0
4.0.2 : Renamed from BE_SignatureGenerate_RSA


Parameters :

data : The data to be signed. It can be text or container field.

privateKey : The private key (as text) to digitally sign the input text.

privateKeyPassword ( optional ) : The password of the private key. It will be ignored if the private key is not password-protected.

algorithm ( optional ) : The hash algorithm (as text) to calculate the digest of the data. "SHA256" will be used when it's empty or omitted.

fileNameWithExtension (optional) : The filename and extension for the generated signature file.


Result : Container content if fileNameWithExtension is specified. Otherwise, Base64 encoded text.

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