BE_ClipboardGetFile ( format {; fileName } )


Retrieves a binary item from the current clipboard, designated by the format passed to the function. The format you get by selecting one of the values from the BE_ClipboardFormats function.  If the format is a binary file type, and has a filename, then that parameter is not required.  Otherwise a filename is recommended so that the result is useful inside FileMaker.

Use this function as the calculation for a Set Field [ containerField ] script step, or setting a variable to a container type.

The result will be the same as a Insert File script step, so if you want an image, then use the BE_ConvertContainer after to modify the type, based on the type of file.


Version : 4.0.3


Parameters :

  • format : the name of the clipboard format.  A list of the formats of the data on the clipboard can be retrieved by using BE_ClipboardFormats.
  • fileName : the name of the file to use.  


Result : The content of the clipboard if the clipboard contains a file, and indeterminate if the clipboard doesn't contain a file.


Examples :

BE_ClipboardGetFile ( "com.adobe.pdf" ; "Object.pdf" ) //Get the pdf of a copied layout object.

BE_ConvertContainer ( Clips::BinaryData ; "PDF " ) //Converts the above file container into an image container.

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