Sets the clipboard to the text and applies a clipboard format. Clipboard formats are set by the application that does the copy and vary widely based on the content types.

Use the BE_ClipboardFormats function to get examples of different types. The format you choose should depend on what you expect the user to do with the clipboard content.

This function only works with binary data, to set text data use BE_ClipboardSetText.


- fileData : A container field or a file set into a variable.

- format : The format code for the content.


Clipboard Data Set

Version History:

- 4.0.3 : First Release


- When setting a type it's best to copy a sample and then use BE_ClipboardFormats to see what types are used.

- You can only set a single format when setting the clipboard from BE.

Code Examples:

BE_ClipboardSetFile ( table::containerField ; "com.adobe.pdf" )
Sets the clipboard with a PDF from a field.

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