The reverse of the BE_PreferenceSet function, this will remove the preference from the system.


- key : the key code for the value to set. domain

- domain : the domain value of where to locate the preference file.


Preference Delete

Version History:

- 4.1 :


- If the domain is not included, it will be

Mac / iOS : : Software\\Goya\\BaseElements\\PluginUser ( stored inside HKEY_CURRENT_USER ).Linux : does not run, will return error 3 - Command is unavailable.

- You can override the domain to specify a different file name on the mac, or a different path on Windows. To respect the various OS conventions you should use something similar to the above.

- this function is required in some situations as the user can't directly delete preferences files to remove a stored preference.  For example on the Mac, Setting a preference will create a corresponding file in the Users Library/Preferences folder.  However deleting that file does not delete this preference until logout.

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